Initial Physiotherapy consultations

Initial Consultations:

  • 45 min consultation for new injuries 1-2 areas of the body
  • 60min for complex/more than 3 areas of the body
  • 60min for Visceral Release
Followup Physiotherapy consultations
Follow up Physiotherapy Consultation:
  • 30min /45min follow ups 1-2 areas of the body
  • 45min/60 min follow up for complex injuries/ more than 3 areas
Group classes /Specialty classes
  • women’s strength classes
  • group stretch/mobility
  • pose running
  • for weightlifting, olympic ring skills, kettlebell skills, climbing instruction and technique, boxing and group CrossFit classes please email Andrew at
Assisted stretch sessions
Assisted Stretch sessions 
  • 30min assisted stretch sessions using trigger point release and assisted contract-relax methods for stretching 

Private Health rebates are available.

Receipts will be sent via email.

All appointments are conducted at:
CrossFit Sydney
32 McCauley St
Alexandria, NSW 2015