Solutions foR movement

Rehab to performance
  • Whole body physiotherapy assessment and treatment
  • Access to a fully equipped strength and conditioning gym for rehab
  • Progression into functional strength and conditioning classes (individual/small group)
  • Sports specific programming
  • Outdoor pursuits strength and conditioning

What we do

  • Physiotherapy assessment using multiple whole-body approaches for prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, pain and dysfunction
  • Specific and expert manual therapy using a variety of methods to improve movement options at the primary source of the issue
  • Exercise rehabilitation using isolation, compound and whole-body movements with a focus on learning efficient movement patterns for life
  • Exercise progression using effective strength and conditioning, giving you the freedom to explore new movement opportunities, sporting and outdoor pursuits


Redefine and rediscover movement.



“I could not train, perform and most importantly understand my body the way I do without Liz’s help. She is simply AWESOME at what she does!”

— Beata Bray
CrossFit Sydney trainer


“Liz’s diagnostic skill and treatment have been unsurpassed. Her bedside manner is stupendous. If you’re broken or a little messed up go and see Liz. Liz is now my go to practitioner.”

— Oliver Smith
Director CrossFit R


“I am now swimming three times a week – which I never thought I would be able to do again”

— Adrien