“In 2015 I ruptured my anterior crucial early ligament in my right knee playing AFL and consequently embarked on 10 months of rehabilitation. Liz guided me through this process; I saw her fortnightly for manual therapy as well as following a strength and conditioning program which she wrote for me. She kept me accountable, setting the bar high but never too high. I learned so much about my body during this period and I am now much more equipped to care for my body and prevent injury. I also learned how to lift weights properly. I grew a strong posterior chain (glutes!!) which made me a better athlete. I am a huge believer in the Connect Therapy and combined specialist manual therapy methods Liz uses in her practice and would highly recommend these. I returned to playing full-contact sport and continue to play, and I am so grateful for Liz’s expertise and care that enabled this.”

— Nicola

“I’ve worked in pilates and massage for over 20 years, and have never found a physio who was this “tuned in” to my body. I refer to her as a human MRI machine. She sees everything. 
After 9 years, I am still amazed at her subtle and effective treatments. Liz is the best.”

— Fiona

“Based on a recommendation from a CrossFit trainer, I went to see Liz for treatment of a torn calf muscle.  I found Liz to be very effective. She provided immediate relief to the injury, and even after just the first appointment, my condition improved considerably.

I was impressed during follow-up appointments, that Liz was very attentive to addressing underlying causes, as well as the immediate issue at hand.

Liz was very accommodating with respect to scheduling appointments times etc, and also made herself available for questions, (via email and in person) outside of formal appointments.”

— David Horan

“Although I’ve only had a few chances to see Liz, I’ve learnt so much about my body and what was causing my pain and stiffness. In a few short weeks, I’ve started to move better, feel better and lift better.

I highly recommend Liz to anyone looking to increase their mobility and understanding of their body.”

— Andre

“I have been a client of Liz’s for both manual therapy and exercise programming.  Liz has magic hands and a real intuition in reading bodies.  As a result of working with Liz, I have had great results with many long term injuries and am now doing swim training three times a week – which I never thought I would be able to ever do again.”

— Adrien

“Liz has been an incredible asset in my journey towards building physical strength and range of motion, providing a comprehensive and detailed approach to work with my unique needs. She has been effective in identifying subtle imbalances impacting my shoulder mobility and supporting my recovery through a targeted and individualised program.

Highly recommended 5/5. “

— Tom

“I have long-standing problems with my back and have received support from Liz for over seven years. She has assisted me through two pregnancies and the associated physical complications of these.

Liz has been the most efficient practitioner I have ever consulted with no need for lengthy
treatments. She is realistic in setting exercises for me to do at home. I highly recommend Liz and am sad that her treatment is so effective that I don’t need to see her as often as I did initially”

— Jess

“I injured my back lifting barbells, and spent the next two days barely able to walk, let alone pick anything up or move around as I usually do.  I was lucky enough to get a session with Liz on the third day, and after a gentle and considerate working over, I made a miraculous recovery.  Although I could tell the muscles effected by the injury were still a little tender, Liz completely neutralised the significant pain I was experiencing, and returned my full mobility in about 45 minutes.  I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years, and had a lot of Physio, Chiro, Osteo and whatever else sent my way, but I’ve never experienced treatment as effective as this before: Liz comes highly recommended.”

— Joe Wauters
Health and Fitness Professional

“Liz is an incredible physio. I had tried many different therapists and techniques over a decade with no long-term results. I found I always had to go back regularly to keep pain at bay. I’ve been seeing Liz for 5 years now and would recommend her to anyone! Liz doesn’t just massage and manipulates muscles, she uses dynamic movement and therapy, considering the body as a whole. She really addresses the underlying problem so that you have long-term results.”

— Lauren

“I saw Liz after having consulted various health professionals who were unable to help with pain and decreased function following an accident.  Liz’s professional and holistic approach literally got me back on my feet walking pain-free and restored my sense of wellbeing and independence. So grateful!”

— Nehama

“Liz Noad is the only physio I have been to that treats the cause of my pain – not just the symptoms.  For many years I had recurring injuries due to my manual labouring jobs.  I also tried many physios to treat my injuries but they were either ineffective or relied on heat packs and “quackery”. 

Liz is different.  She understands that the body works as a whole and her manual therapy and exercise programming assists the body to recover in a gentle but responsive way.  Her constant learning ensures she is on top of the latest effective pain relief methods and therapies. 

I now only see Liz for my injury treatment as my body responds very quickly to her healing hands.  I give Liz my highest 5-star recommendation. “

— Yvette

Liz really understands my body. She assesses and corrects any dysfunction using a variety of methods (massage, Stretch Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique), to ensure I am moving well.

I always feel “new” afterwards. Liz also advises me what stretches or techniques I can use to further improve my mobility,  positions etc.

I could not train, perform and most importantly understand my body the way I do without Liz’s help. She is simply AWESOME at what she does!”

— Beata Bray
CrossFit Sydney trainer

“I had neck, shoulder, arm and hip pain for a long time which became more on an issue as I started to CrossFit. My lack of joint mobility and ability to generate strength and power in particular movements became quite apparent.

Over the years I have seen chiropractors, other physiotherapists (who gave me the standard internal and external rotation with a theraband), and as a massage therapist, I’d self diagnosed and treated my pain. All to no avail. It got to the point where things like the Snatch, Overhead squat, kipping pull ups and all pushing movements where uncomfortable and compromised.

The reason I went to see Liz is because the pain and discomfort in my arm was really annoying me. Liz had been given good references from people I know (fellow CrossFitters), and Liz is a CrossFitter. The really cool thing about Liz’s treatment was after doing the standard assessment of flexion, extension, rotation of neck, arm, etc, Liz had me do push ups and overhead squats two movements that hurt, which she recorded, so she could analyze later to tailor my treatment. As it turns out, the arm pain and restricted movement in my shoulder were from jammed cervical and thoracic vertebral joints,  and malalignment of two ribs. Something that none of the other health care professionals had picked up on.

Over a few weeks Liz went to work, releasing and manipulating various joints and soft tissue. The surprising thing for me, was even after the first treatment my neck and arm pain had eased significantly, almost to the point of being nonexistent. Liz also gave me a few rehab exercise and stretches to not only correct the problem but to improve the movements that were compromised.

Liz’s diagnostic skill and treatment have been unsurpassed. Her bedside manner is stupendous. If you’re broken or a little messed up go and see Liz. Liz is now my go to practitioner.”

— Oliver Smith
Director CrossFit R

“I came to see Liz because I was experiencing pain in my shoulder and upper arm. I found myself being treated not only at the site of my pain, but moreso, at the root cause: my pelvis, rib and shoulder alignment. After a thorough and quick assessment, Liz was able to pinpoint the areas of issue, and treat it accordingly. Within a few weeks I was almost back to full strength and pain free.

The treatment and rehab program was simple to follow. We conducted the rehab at CrossFit Sydney which enabled me to continue exercising and attend to my shoulder and arm pain at once.

I have, and will continue to recommend Liz to anyone.”

— Lou

“Liz is a highly professional and friendly physio who is considerate of her client’s needs and demonstrates great awareness and understanding of the human body.

Liz takes great care and regard in understanding each client’s lifestyle/extra curricular activities to assist in determining the underlying cause of any injury and how best to allow you to get back to doing the activities that you enjoy.

She is also articulate and takes time to explain the proposed treatment and the cause of the discomfort.

Liz places a strong emphasis on rehabilitation, providing relevant mobility and strengthening exercises to prevent re-injury.

All up, Liz is a sincere and professional physio who I would not hesitate to recommend.  Liz – thanks so much for helping with my varied and numerous injuries, without which I’d definitely be falling apart!”

— Sarah Ngo

“Liz is an outstanding practitioner with magic hands and deep insight. She is perceptive and intuitive- responding to what she sees, hears and feels in your body and mind. It is like she goes inside you – which is why the treatments are so powerful. Liz has given me simple, effective tools and exercises to take away – her feedback is succinct and supportive. She is the best. “

— Megan